happy birthday luhan

~yday, apr20 was exo luhan’s 23rd bday..all us fans were happy forĀ  & was celebrating when an earthquake hit sichuan china..from the tweets that i’ve been reading that day, both luhan & luhan stans readily asked for prayers & help for the victims..

what made me confused were reports of some chinese who bashed luhan+luhan fans online coz inspite of the tragedy in their country, celebration is on-going..huh?..duh!..

fans were preparing for his bday weeks before & its only natural for them to express their love & happiness for luhan on his special day..

the tragedy happened during the celebration & a lil later, it stopped~it was replaced with fansites organizing requests for help & donations for the victims..& boy! support really poured in…from the same fans who were bashed & all..i mean, hello!!!…luhan & the fans answered the ridicule with kindness & warm, generous hearts..

i read that exo-m chinese members changed their dp & wrote words of support & encouragement to the victims & their families..& today, i read that luhan, tao & lay went home to china for personal reasons..(sigh) people can sometimes be quick to judge a person or a situation & more often than not, it causes pain & hurt for those under the scrutiny of society..

this is also quite an eye-opener for me…kudos to the fans/fansites who unconditionally love, support & show good deeds in the name of the artists whom they admire..& to the artists esp. luhan whose 23rd bday isn’t that happy in the end, i commend u & will have my support & admiration..i pray for the victims & their families..

to those whose mind isn’t thinking nicely yday, pls don’t do that again..again, a blessed year for you my bias luhan!