a lil impatient appler

lately im gettin exasperated with gd..


he is kinda misleading!..

a lot of inves for daragon (dara+g-dragon) has surfaced thru the efforts of applers who untiringly took notes & vids of it but most of his actions are..grrr…

someone tweeted that we shld be ok with him insta-liking pics of kiko since when the time comes that he stops doing it wld mean he is protecting her..makes sense alright considering he said he wld protect the girl he cares for anything his popularity entails..its just that i sometimes waver when i see those insta-likes..

some say that since he is into fashion & kiko is a model it follows that he’ll like her pics BUT there are those of her partying or just with friends & no connection to fashion at all..sigh..maybe another consideration wld be is that they’re friends..yeah..

i can’t help but sometimes compare him to dara’s fanboys who openly at the same time shyly showing their admiration of her..like u-kiss kevin, exo-k chanyeol, suju donghae,swimmer park tae hwan & a lot more..