To rest or to do

I am always torn between resting and being productive whenever I’m home..may it be a rest day or when I’m on leave being sick, I can’t help but to get up and do what I think is more important than lying around..

But, I guess it has its consequences especially if I am sick but still ok to move around..’coz instead of regaining the strength and restoring what was lost because of sickness, I am depriving myself of it by doing something which I can do at a later! I decided to really stick on DOING what I have laid down on my planner..

Emphasis on DOING..why? I’ve been into to-do-lists eversince and recently joined the planner community. I’ve noticed that there are to-do’s which were rolled-over from previous months that I still haven’t accomplished 😦 isn’t that sad and generally defeats the purpose of planning and listing it down in order to remind yourself to get it done within a particular period of time..

This is where discipline and consistency come into the picture so that it’ll become a routine or habit,.it’s hard yes, but if I really like to get things done, I need to be determined in doing it and say to yourself “You go, girl!”..of course, having fun while doing it is a must! It doesn’t have to be treated as a chore..and after each accomplishment, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself “Job well done!” 🙂



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