what time is it-2pm

2pm’s what time is it concert in manila was held last march 1.. though we wld like to watch it me & my friend lhen weren’t able to go 😦 ..

we are not fans of their music but me personally likes them as a grp esp when they are on variety programs..i browsed on fanaccounts & other info abt the con & i was impressed with both 2pm & those who watched them..

for 2pm, looked like they enjoyed their stay here & had fun during the con since they tweeted abt it afterwards (i read those of nichkhun, junho, jun.k & chansung)..

for the fans, their support & the fun they experienced on the con (lots of fanservice from the boys from what i’ve read)..& lastly for the producer/organizer of the show for their support & mgt of the whole production since i haven’t read any complaints from those who attended [unlike what we’ve had with ovation prod during bb alive tour ph 😦 ]..

hope i cld watch them when they come bk nxt time..more power 2pm!!



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