underrated kpop singers [part 2]

forgot to add the ff. on my underrated kpop singers:

~ jaejoong – my original kpop fave when he was on tvxq..though he already have his own solo mini-album, i wld like one which suits his voice better..nah, not the genre..i me & my friend noticed difference comparing from when he first started up to when they stayed long in japan..am not sure if he was trying to blend with how jap songs are usually sang but it was more feminine than the soothing one that i loved before..more like the voice he used on korean songs like unforgettable, always, whatever they say etc..jap songs like eternal, begin, maze & boyz-2-men song in the still of the night..yah, jj what happened? want ur old voice back..wld be waiting for it..

~b2st’s yoseop is also good..he cld also sing almost any genre..his voice stands out among his co-members..good thing he was given a mini-album project (produced by b2st rapper junhyung if im not mistaken) called caffeine..the tracks are all good..a good-wise buy indeed..

~ next one is a girl grp..their songs are more on hip-hop/rock/dance style but they can also sing love songs..am talkin abt 4minute..sometimes i pity them coz they have the ability to compete strongly even outside of korea (not that good in singing live though) but still they were overtaken by others with less talent..

~ ji eun, leader of secret also has a nice voice..i was awed when i watched her in a special collab with davichi mem (the tall one, 4got her name) & sistar’s hyorin singing beyonce’s listen..small girl, small voice, but can also belt it out with less or no effort at all..

..all mentioned from these two posts are all my opinion..it definitely may differ from others but this is my pov..i know there are others who wld belong on this list if i come across their songs in the future as i strengthen my bond with kpop 🙂



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