underrated kpop singers [part 1]

i think some of kpop fans would agree with me that quite a number of idol group members are more than good enough to be given solo albums but unfortunately this is not the case..

[1] take a look at snsd’s leader tae yeon..whenever i hear the grp’s songs b4 i thought they all have small-cutey voices, not until i chanced upon a vid of a radio show showing tae yeon singing ‘byul’ [an ost from stairway to heaven]..waaah, she was sooo good!!! a full voice which expresses the feel of the song (even if i don’t understand d lyrics at 1st), even a non-korean like me was deeply touched..from then on i collected vids of her singing live XD i sooo love her voice.she was asked to do ost songs from time to time & each time, a lot of people love it..which made me think why do sme doesn’t give her a solo album? she more than deserved it..

[2] another one from the same agency is luna of f(x)..not ur typical idol from a girl grp in terms of looks but her voice is really something, it stood above the rest of her co-members in every song (blends perfectly with krystal’s voice though)..but when i was able to watch her one time in immortal songs 2, she didn’t impressed me as much as tae yeon singing live..but still, she’s really good..

[3] next on my list are exo-k’s main vocals baekhyun & d.o..never thought i wld like this grp..when they debuted, i was still bitter abt the separation of tvxq members that i saw them as sme’s way of trying to make them big as if to be possible replacements [their image, mama song & dance moves say it all]..but when i happened to see a vid of open arms at dkfc mla i was stunned! their voices & english pronunciation is perfect! (on the side: baekhyun+d.o’s what is love is my personal fave XD)..

[4] 2ne1’s maknae minzy is next..i first noticed her voice during i don’t care live stage. many thinks she’s the dance rep of the grp but the thing is, she can sing really good as well..sometimes even better than bom in some live stages [no offense meant to bom]..

i guess the kpop industry trend towards idol groups more than individual capabilities of an artist… it looks like agencies benefit more than the talents..hope those talents wldn’t be wasted though..



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