Hello, NEW OLD ME 😄

Happy New Year!

Whew! So..it has been more than 2 years since I managed to get the push to write here again..to my future self.

I am currently maintaining a ‘Thoughts Journal’ in the form of a white  Miniso Notebook I find cute to use.


The problem is I have kept digitally written posts on my cellphone and until now, I’m trying to keep up with the schedule of transferring them in the said ‘Thoughts Journal’. As I was in a day-long cleaning spree with my digital subscriptions (which is one of my 2018 goals) today, I chanced upon my WordPress, opened it, changed the theme from a simple white and green background into a Chalkboard one (which is really cute! 😍), and decided to write here again.

I guess the difference between having a paper journal with that of a digital one is that I could easily type, edit and add pics in here than writing with a pen.

I have lots of things to share!

I’ll be right on it on my next post.

So, hello there my NEW OLD ME 😚!



To rest or to do

I am always torn between resting and being productive whenever I’m home..may it be a rest day or when I’m on leave being sick, I can’t help but to get up and do what I think is more important than lying around..

But, I guess it has its consequences especially if I am sick but still ok to move around..’coz instead of regaining the strength and restoring what was lost because of sickness, I am depriving myself of it by doing something which I can do at a later time..so! I decided to really stick on DOING what I have laid down on my planner..

Emphasis on DOING..why? I’ve been into to-do-lists eversince and recently joined the planner community. I’ve noticed that there are to-do’s which were rolled-over from previous months that I still haven’t accomplished 😦 isn’t that sad and lazy..it generally defeats the purpose of planning and listing it down in order to remind yourself to get it done within a particular period of time..

This is where discipline and consistency come into the picture so that it’ll become a routine or habit,.it’s hard yes, but if I really like to get things done, I need to be determined in doing it and say to yourself “You go, girl!”..of course, having fun while doing it is a must! It doesn’t have to be treated as a chore..and after each accomplishment, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself “Job well done!” 🙂


happy birthday luhan

~yday, apr20 was exo luhan’s 23rd bday..all us fans were happy for  & was celebrating when an earthquake hit sichuan china..from the tweets that i’ve been reading that day, both luhan & luhan stans readily asked for prayers & help for the victims..

what made me confused were reports of some chinese who bashed luhan+luhan fans online coz inspite of the tragedy in their country, celebration is on-going..huh?..duh!..

fans were preparing for his bday weeks before & its only natural for them to express their love & happiness for luhan on his special day..

the tragedy happened during the celebration & a lil later, it stopped~it was replaced with fansites organizing requests for help & donations for the victims..& boy! support really poured in…from the same fans who were bashed & all..i mean, hello!!!…luhan & the fans answered the ridicule with kindness & warm, generous hearts..

i read that exo-m chinese members changed their dp & wrote words of support & encouragement to the victims & their families..& today, i read that luhan, tao & lay went home to china for personal reasons..(sigh) people can sometimes be quick to judge a person or a situation & more often than not, it causes pain & hurt for those under the scrutiny of society..

this is also quite an eye-opener for me…kudos to the fans/fansites who unconditionally love, support & show good deeds in the name of the artists whom they admire..& to the artists esp. luhan whose 23rd bday isn’t that happy in the end, i commend u & will have my support & admiration..i pray for the victims & their families..

to those whose mind isn’t thinking nicely yday, pls don’t do that again..again, a blessed year for you my bias luhan!

what time is it-2pm

2pm’s what time is it concert in manila was held last march 1.. though we wld like to watch it me & my friend lhen weren’t able to go 😦 ..

we are not fans of their music but me personally likes them as a grp esp when they are on variety programs..i browsed on fanaccounts & other info abt the con & i was impressed with both 2pm & those who watched them..

for 2pm, looked like they enjoyed their stay here & had fun during the con since they tweeted abt it afterwards (i read those of nichkhun, junho, jun.k & chansung)..

for the fans, their support & the fun they experienced on the con (lots of fanservice from the boys from what i’ve read)..& lastly for the producer/organizer of the show for their support & mgt of the whole production since i haven’t read any complaints from those who attended [unlike what we’ve had with ovation prod during bb alive tour ph 😦 ]..

hope i cld watch them when they come bk nxt time..more power 2pm!!


a lil impatient appler

lately im gettin exasperated with gd..


he is kinda misleading!..

a lot of inves for daragon (dara+g-dragon) has surfaced thru the efforts of applers who untiringly took notes & vids of it but most of his actions are..grrr…

someone tweeted that we shld be ok with him insta-liking pics of kiko since when the time comes that he stops doing it wld mean he is protecting her..makes sense alright considering he said he wld protect the girl he cares for anything his popularity entails..its just that i sometimes waver when i see those insta-likes..

some say that since he is into fashion & kiko is a model it follows that he’ll like her pics BUT there are those of her partying or just with friends & no connection to fashion at all..sigh..maybe another consideration wld be is that they’re friends..yeah..

i can’t help but sometimes compare him to dara’s fanboys who openly at the same time shyly showing their admiration of her..like u-kiss kevin, exo-k chanyeol, suju donghae,swimmer park tae hwan & a lot more..